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2019 LLCA Robotics Co. 

Preparing for the Off The Grid Competition of 2019

LLCA Robotics Company is a partner school with BEST Inc. Each year BEST releases a new competition, challenging students to research a specific industry and design a prototype robot to meet game-specific challenges. The student-led team has six weeks to design and build a functioning machine and prepare the marketing materials that introduce their work to the world.


We attended the Tenessee Valley BEST kickoff on August 31, 2019, where the Off The Grid game was revealed. This years theme explores power outages. Our robot prototype must be able to maneuver around different power grids, repairing power lines, and collecting debis off the ground

You can preview the official game explanation at the BEST site. 

After the kickoff our team met back at the school to begin our six week trial by fire. Our team is divided into the three divisions: Marketing, Engineering, and Technology. We met within our divisions to pour over the game specifications and determine what was needed to win the fisrt place BEST award on October 12, 2019. Below is a picture of the game field.

Off The Grid Game Field

             Our first step in the process was to analyze what was needed for us to successfully be awarded the contract from BEST Research and Development. Before we decided how our robot would function, we laid out each task and reviewed possibilities.  The table below summarizes our review of the Current Event's Scoring and Disadvantages + Advantages analysis.

In the video below, you can see L.S.R in action in preparation for this year's game on October 12th.

Table: Riptide Performance Strategy Riptide Performance Strategy

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