2019 LLCA Robotics Co.
2019 LLCA Robotics Co. 

Five Reasons to Invest in Our Company

LLCA’s Promising A Safer Environment

Our focus on repairing power lines is increased as we research and develop more and more every day from different references to make a research paper. Our research paper can be found in our Engineering Notebook shown at BEST Competition.


A Choice of Intervention Options

L.S.R. can be reconfigured to meet customer needs with great software flexibility.  Add-ons, such as a thermal imaging camera, will offer first responders the very latest in technology with choices to fit a variety of budgets.


Ease of Use

LLCA implements intuitive control platforms that any employee can use with a minimum of training. Our joystick operation is so simple even a 7th grader can execute!


Industry Leading Linemen

LLCA has fully integrated its research, development, and manufacturing teams within a single location to allow seamless communication and turn-key design improvements.  We are USA linemen committed to excellence!


Value Driven Performance

Highly competitive pricing makes LLCA affordable. Our low maintenance costs and spare-parts programs lead to a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership. 

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