2019 LLCA Robotics Co.
2019 LLCA Robotics Co. 

Introducing L.S.R. (Lineman Supplication Robot) our product for the year 2019!

L.S.R. Designed to repair power grids

L.S.R. helps people to work toward a safer community by repairing power lines and collecting debris off the ground. Our robot can efficiently repair power lines take people out of danger


 LLCA Robotics Co. takes great pride in going above and beyond our customers’ expectations, and we are confident you will be pleased with the performance of our product. You will find it performs on schedule, on budget, and with minimum on-going maintenance.


Contact us today to schedule your site visit with our experienced engineers, operators, and training specialists!



Using the Engineering Design Process, we have created a robot that meets all of BEST Research & Development’s design and performance requirements. Our mechanical engineers have spent countless hours analyzing both specific and implied design and performance requirements to create an efficient and robust robot. We have consulted with top professional first responders in our local municipality and at our state college on the current technologies deployed, and the next generation of technology needed. Our software engineers have refined the computer code to develop the most efficient programs to control our robot. Our marketing team has prepared documentation that fully outlines L.S.R.'s performance to best train our customers and ensure smooth operations. 


In summary, LLCA Robotics has the best design to meet the customers’ needs. Once we are awarded the contract, L.S.R will put the powers lines up and and the competition down! We are proud to partner with BEST Inc. to develop leading edge technology for robot intervention in repairing power lines.

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