2019 LLCA Robotics Co.
2019 LLCA Robotics Co. 


The following excerpts and video clips are from former LLCA Robotics associates relating their learning experiences and describing what they are doing now.



Emerson Kahler, a 2015 LLCA graduate, served as CEO and is currently enrolled in the University of Alabama in Huntsville nursing program.

Cecil Bowen, LLCA 2013, served as the director of marketing and engineering throughout his years in LLCA Robotics. He is currently a student in the Department of Kinesiolog at the University of Alabama and a gifted musician. 

My name is Joyce:  “I participated in LLCA Robotics for 5 years (2008-2012). For the first couple years I was a floater- just did whatever needed to be done- one year I was the marketing director and for two years I was the CEO. I allowed my team members to explore the tasks themselves and do them in their own way. Sarah and I both had the same challenge of knowing how to communicate and distribute tasks to others. This is a common challenge for most leaders, especially if they do not have much experience. The main challenge that I experienced was my problem of being what we call in the business world a micromanager. A micromanager is someone who knows exactly how they want things to be done and looks over their teammates’ shoulders to make sure that they are doing things the manager’s way. This type of managing lacks hinders the circle of trust between teammates and leaders. I studied business in college and the number one attribute that the leader gains the most influence over his or her employees is trust. Thus, instead of getting frustrated at my teammates when they were doing something I asked them to do-only not the way I wanted them to do it- I should have relaxed and let them do it their way and if they were successful then they succeeding in not only accomplished a task that I asked them to do but they also taught me how to do something different. As I mentioned before, I received a degree in Project Management from Liberty University.” 

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