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2019 LLCA Robotics Co. 


Like Shark Tank? Then you would love to be a part of our marketing division!  The Marketing department promotes our company and product, designs our company items, and participates in public outreach and engagement. Marketing also includes creating brochures and flyers, inspiring company and school spirit, and involving the community with STEM outreach. 


One of our largest undertakings is the construction of an 8' x 8' marketing booth that highlights the game theme and promotes our company.  We include slideshows to condense six weeks of activity into a solid introduction, a video game, brochures, and customized giveaways that promote our company.  

Marketing Presentation

Marketing Presentation

      The marketing presentation is a 15 minute presentation which details to the judges that we are a quality company with a quality product, our robot, L.S.R. The marketing presentation team includes a representative from each division. It presents graphs, charts, strategies, and information about our company

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