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     Our company's engineering department designs and builds a robot for the assigned task. This department also assembles the engineering notebook, a complete documentation of our company's brainstorming, design, ideas, and building process. Our software team integrates the software and programming functions on a Simulink platform and works side-by-side with our fabrication division to program and test each sub-system before full integration.


Engineering Design Process

Engineering Design Process

Our Engineering Division

For our engineering and software design development, we use the Engineering Design Loop process. This process is instrumental in our development of the robot. Engineers use this tool to identify needs, research problems, and develop possible solutions best suited for the job. The loop aspect allows the company to evaluate and refine their ideas as the project progresses.


The Engineering Design Loop model represents the sequence of engineering and software design steps in a project life cycle. It describes the activities that continually happen during product development, from identifying the need to redesigning the final product. In the Engineering Design Loop, the steps are in this order and represent a continuous circle:

  • Identify the need,
  • Research the problem,
  • Develop possible solutions,
  • Select the most promising solution,
  • Construct a prototype,
  • Test and evaluate the prototype,
  • Report the results, and finally
  • Redesign the solution if needed.


This loop emphasizes that design is a continuous process.  Mistakes or dead ends are okay, as they ultimately point the company in a better direction.


Thomas Edison once said,” I have not failed; I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  

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