2019 LLCA Robotics Co.
2019 LLCA Robotics Co. 

About us

     We are Lindsay Lane Christian Academy Robotics. The mission of LLCA Robotics is to expose our students to the challenge and excitement of learning to work together to accomplish a significant task in a real-life environment. 


We run our robotics club like a company. We have students in grades 7-12 always doing something to help and improve our company. We are an extra-curricular club and meet in the afternoons. We have a student CEO and department heads for each of our main divisions. Our three primary divisions are engineering, marketing and technology. Our youngest associates work eleven hours a week, while our engineers and directors work fifteen to eighteen hours a week.  

Our Motto Is "Designed With Integrity, Developed With Ingenuity, and Delivered With Pride"

Our Background

    LLCA Robotics started in 2008 as Faith Christian Academy. Their robotics team had a total of twelve students in grades 6th-12th when they first began. Now we have students grades 7th-12th and a total of 16 students. Our vision is to encourage the participating students to pursue careers in Engineering, Sciences, and Technology. 

    The students are competing in BEST (Boosting Engineering Sciences and Technology) Robotics. Over the years they have been challenged by competing in BEST robotics by learning to improve their character, skills, and public speaking abilities. LLCA now has students at Auburn University, University of Alabama, Huntsville, and Calhoun, all pursuing degrees in Engineering, Science, Technology, and Mathematics.  You can view some of their profiles and testimonies on our web page. 

Our Contact Information


LLCA Robotics Co.

Lindsay Lane Christian Academy

705 W Sanderfer Road

Athens, AL  35611

(256) 233-3778


Mentor:  Kathryn DeWitt, kdewitt@knology.net

For Our Track Record

We are a qualified and experienced company. For the past seven years, we have placed in the top three for contracts with BEST Robotics, Inc. at our regional competition in Decatur,  AL. 


LLCA Robotics Co. competed against 11 teams at the 2018 TVB robotics competition and won 2nd on the prestigious BEST award, securing advancement to the South's BEST competition at Auburn University in November.  


In addition to 2nd Place BEST Winner and 4th place robotics competition, the team also won the following (total of 13 awards)



  • Computer-Aided Design Award, 1st place 
  • Team Exhibit Interview
  • Best Spirit and Sportsmanship, 2nd place 
  • Best T-shirt,1st place
  • Most Photogenic Robot, 2nd place
  • Best Engineering Notebook, 1st  place
  • Team Exhibit Design and Construction Award, 1st place
  • Best Web Page Design, 1st place
  • Most Robust Robot, 2nd place
  • Best Marketing Presentation, 2nd place
  • Team Mascot, 1st place 
  • Robotics Finalist, 4th place

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