2019 LLCA Robotics Co.
2019 LLCA Robotics Co. 


     STAR (Science,Technology,and Robotics) Camp is held each summer in June for entering 4th - 7th grade students.  Enrollment is open to the greater community, and our robotics team is excited to share science activities with local elementary students.  We focus on Lego Robotics with activities such as simple machines, programming an EV3 robot, building and launching catapults, building and launching water bottle rockets, team building activities, and more!


Our curriculum is refreshed each year to continue to develop basic scientific principles and excite students about a future in mathematics and scence.  While the program was initially conceived as a fundraiser that also promoted STEM interest, we have been pleased to discover that STAR camp is a great recruitment tool for future LLCA robotics team members.  In 2017, two-thirds of our new associates were previous STAR camp attendees!



     If you want to start your own robotics camp we would be happy to mentor you. You can contact Mrs. Kathryn Dewitt at 256-289-1555.

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