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Missile Defense Agency

While we were not allowed to take picures for security reasons, we got the opportunity to teach people about wires and the flow of electricity. The kids who came by got to make a marble run and shoot velcro covered golf balls out of a catapult onto a velcro wall.

Trip To MDA

        On April 25, 2019, the LLCA Robotics team went to the Missile Defense Agency, otherwise known as MDA.  Our team had set a time with with MDA to have activities for the employees' children.  Afterall, the date we had set up with MDA was MDA's take your child to work day.  We were given a space, along with a few other interesting groups, within MDA's building.  In our space we had set up a simple layout of the Current Events' competition from this year, A Marble Runthat is for our annual STAR camp, and a few different electrical circuits for our theme of STAR camp this upcoming summer.


       First and foremost, the layout of the Current Events' competition.  With a start, we had Riptide 2.0 on its blue and orange stand.  Additionally, a gyre was placed to where Riptide 2.0 could maneuver its claw inside of this gyre.  Why?  Well inside of this gyre were plastic bottles and 3D-printed-turtles.  As a game, we allowed people to use Riptide 2.0's claw to grab the items inside of the gyre.  From there, they would put the items inside of the cardboard box that an assistant would hold.  As long as at least one item was placed inside of the box, the player would be given a prize.  As our prize, we had aquatic animals on rings and turtle keychains.


        On the other hand, for our Marble Run we had two large pegboards.  Each pegboard had a separate box with tools inside.  The goal for this was to a modle for a marble to go through and stop at a given point.  The more items and space the modle used, the better the modle was.  The tools inside of the box were long and short dowel pegs, wooden clothespins, clear tubing, assorted PVC pipes, string, rubber bands, a plinko board, small wooden shelf, and an alluminum tray/channel.  One of the given pegboards was completed with a few problems that the children would try to finish.  The other pegboard was completely empty and ready for new ideas brought by the imaginative children.


        Riptide 2.0's trip to MDA was both fun and successful, seeing as we were able to hand out a large amount of STAR camp flyers.  We were also given the honor of meeting Lieutenant General Samuel A. Greaves, director of MDA.  If you would like to know more about the Missile Defense Agency, visit MDA's site at: https://mda.mil/index.html.  If you would like to know more about General Greaves, visit About Us Biographies at: https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/108397/lieutenant-general-sameul-a-greaves/.

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