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2019 LLCA Robotics Co. 


BEST (Boosting, Engineering, Science, and Technology) is designed to inspire and intrest students in engineering, science, and technology through participation in an exciting sports-like technology contest. (taken from the BEST brochure) 


BEST Robotics Inc. (BRI) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization. Schools participate at no cost -- there is no fee. BEST wants to work with all schools. Public, private, and home school groups or organizations are welcomed to participate. Students are the primary participants and benefactors. Students perform all of the work; mentors serve as guides and advisors. Engineers and other technical professionals from local industries serve as team mentors. Over 3500 volunteers help run the local competitions and regional championships by serving as event personnel, judges, and team mentors.

(taken from http://bestinc.org/b_about_best.php)

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