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LLCA ROBOTICS Introduces Our Product For Current Events Of 2018: Riptide

CAD Drawing, Riptide Riptide, Product of 2018

LLCA Robotics Company is pleased to introduce Riptide, our product of the year 2018. This robot is designed and developed for the BEST, Inc. request for proposals for the Current Events. Riptide is our first robot designed to help with the water polution problems in the oceans. This prototype is developed to save turtles and ducks and remove plastic from ocean gyres.


Our robot provides the safest and most efficient form of ocean cleaning. First, Riptide can remove garbage and plastic from ocean gyres. Second, Riptide is able to identify marine life within garbage loads, and it will dump the trash to save the marine life. Riptide must do these tasks while fighting against the ocean current. We are sure you will find Riptide is the right robot for helping our oceans to be more clean and safe.


Please explore our website to learn more about the 2018 Current Events competition, the design and construction process of our robot, and our company. To read more about the game of Current Events, click here


We are Lindsay Lindsay Lane Christian Academy Robotics Team 0805.  The mission of LLCA Robotics is to expose our students to the challenge and excitement of learning to work together to accomplish a significant task in a real-life environment. The purpose of LLCA Robotics is to glorify God by using our unique gifts to support our team members and promote science, engineering and technology in our local community. To accomplish this, our team competes in BEST (Boosting, Engineering, Science, & Technology) Robotics Competition. Our goal is to prepare our students to be future leaders with integrity and character in the areas of engineering, science, technology, and business.

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